getting myself out of this reading slump

23 September 2014

It's been quite awhile since I have participated in Top Ten Tuesday (granted, it's been quite awhile since I've done anything in the blogging world), so I figured I'd join up again this week.

In case you aren't aware, Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. It's a weekly thing, but I only do it every other week unless the topic for the week is just too good to resist! :)

This week's topic is: Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR List. 

If you're friends with me on Goodreads, you probably know that my TBR list is ginormous and utterly terrifying. You might look at my shelf and think "Pfftt, that's nothing compared to mine!", and maybe it isn't, but to me it is quite daunting. I just hear of so many irresistible books all the time, and I tend to think I can take on waaay more than I actually can. There are books that have been sitting on my virtual shelf for years, ones that I actually have no desire to actually read anymore, but I just can't get myself to take them off. *sigh* such is the life of a compulsive reader.

But actually during my blogging hiatus I was also in the midst of the worst reading slump in the entire history of the universe. I have finished probably about five books in the past six months. That is very bad. I guess this isn't going to be the year I read 100 books.

So, with the start of a new school year I am desperately hoping to get back into reading. I have several books from several genres that I'm going to try to read during the Fall season. There's no theme here, and none of these are particularly Autumn-y, but simply books I am just dying to read right now!

1. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
I just bought this book the other day, and I have been constantly eyeing it ever since. I have heard so many good things about it, and I just know it shall make me weep! But sometimes you just need a book that can make you cry, you know?

2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Yes, I haven't read this yet, even though I've wanted to for a long, long time. Everyone in the whole world seems to be obsessed with it, and I have had several friends recommend it to me. I just haven't gotten around to it.   

3. Splendor by Anna Godberson
This is the final book in The Luxe series. I have mixed feelings about all the books in this series, but I do want to see it to the end since I've made it this far. (And I must know what happens to Henry and Diana. I must!)

4. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
I have heard absolutely nothing but amazing things about this book. It sounds very quirky and fun, but I honestly don't really know what it's about. But the title itself is enough to make me want to go and snatch it up right now, so it must be great!

5. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
I can't decide if I really want to read this book, or if I just don't want to feel guilty. I bought this book waaay back in July for no real reason. I don't really want it anymore, but I feel as if I should read it before deciding to give it away. Oh well, it should be an interesting read.

6. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Despite the fact that this is a summer book (or at least, I always think of it as a summer book), I really want to give it a go this fall. 

7. Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens
Obviously, there is no way I'm ever going to get to this one this year, but I want to read it so badly I just couldn't not put it on my to-read list. I am determined to read it someday, though!

Even though I have already read this book awhile ago, I really want to reread it in October to satisfy my inevitable craving for a creepy book. I might even finally pick up Hollow City along with it!

9. Every Day by David Levithan
Just another book I've heard so much about but haven't been able to get a hold of myself...

10. Anne of Green Gables (series) by L.M. Montgomery
I would really, really love to read the entire AoGG series this school year sometime. Anne is my spirit animal.
Are there any books on your TBR you're particularly looking forward to this autumn? If you also did the Top Ten Tuesday linkup, please share the link to yours, I'd love to read what sort of beautiful books you listed! :) 


  1. I want to read the Miss Peregrine books, too! Mr. Penumbra's is a fun book, though it's kind of like reading a huge ad for Google at times.

    1. Hmmm okay, I'll keep that in mind. Miss Peregrine is very good!

  2. This list is awesome. Looks like it's a good mix of all different types of books. Agghhh I really want to read Throne of Glass, too. You'll have to let me know what you thought of it!

    1. Will do! I'm trying to round out my reading this year which is why there are a bunch of different books on here :)

  3. Throne of Glass is AMAZING! I recently read Little Dorrit and enjoyed it also, although it is really long!
    New Follower :-)

    Em @

    1. Thank you for following. Yes, I've heard very great things about both books. I'm itching to get my hands on them :)