this is what happens when you disappear

16 September 2014

I didn't mean to disappear, but sometimes you really can't help it. My life has been filled to the brim with pure insanity. So many things have been happening, some good, some not-so-good. Some I will be sharing with you, some I will be keeping to myself.

I've missed this blog very much, I have missed my online friends, and writing out my thoughts.

But the thing is, once you've left the bloggy world for as long as I have (six months. wowzers!), you're sort of forgotten about. Maybe every once in a while someone has logged into their blogger dashboard, saw my blog name on their reading list and just wonder "whatever did happen to that person?" They probably just shrugged it off, though, and moved on with their lives.

It's sort of like I've disintegrated into nothingness.

The other day I went through my feed on bloglovin', scanning through the never ending list of unread blog posts that had accumulated during my long absence, and I started to think. I thought about when I first started blogging three years ago. I thought about how great it was, how exciting and new and shiny the internet world was. I thought about the old blogs I used to follow and read faithfully, and I realized that most of them had just simply vanished from cyberspace. Granted, some of them did give a quickly written farewell speech, but most of them just... stopped.

A part of me wishes that I could go back to then, when blogging was simple, and the thought of having 10 followers was enough to make me jump with excitement. Back when my fingers itched to write about the tiniest and most insignificant things of life.

...But I realize that sometimes things have to change. You grow. You learn things about yourself that you couldn't have ever conceived before. And sometimes you just have to start over.

So, I'm back. Mostly. It was a long, hard, and unexpected break. Things are different now, and I shall talk about that all in due time. I'll talk about wordpress, and why it didn't work out, I'll talk about all the life that has been happening, I'll review books (though, it might be a little different), I'll read, and comment on other blogs. Slowly, but surely, I will fall back into place.

Thank you. I'm excited :)


  1. Hannah! I'm so glad you're back. I did not forget about you! I really missed your posts and your book reviews. I missed your encouraging comments on my blog.

    I know the feeling of being forgotten in the blog world, and how it can be difficult to find your place again. But I know if you keep at it, in time it will be just like it was (or better!).

    I'm excited to see what you'll do with this blog of yours!

    1. Thank you, Hannah :) You're such a sweet friend.

  2. I greatly enjoy your blogs, Hannah! Glad to see you writing again!