Little Favorites

17 January 2015

Blogs are fabulous. I love writing them and I absolutely love reading them. Over the years I have stumbled upon some of the most adorable/inspirational/amazing blogs. I have some of them listed over on my Favourites page, but I've never actually gone into detail about why I like those blogs so much or why I think that everyone in the world should check them out.
I was finally inspired by Olivia and her Dear Blogging Friends post to actually make a post featuring my most favorite blogs.
This is not going to be short, though I'll try to be as brief as I can. I doubt I'll be able to get through every single blog on my list, so, if you're interested in finding even more fantabulous blogs, click on over to my Favourites page. :)
//Blogging Friends//
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I have had many, many blogging friends over the years. I always love meeting new friends from all over the world, and that's one of the best things about blogging, building friendships with people who you'd never meet otherwise.

The Daisy Tree is the cutest blog of like ever. I have been following Hannah (not me Hannah, different Hannah) and her blog for pretty much my entire blogging career, and her posts never disappoint. She always has something different and fun to talk about. Traveling, cooking, reading, or simply just fangirling over The Lord of the Rings. (#approved) 

The Cwtch is a blog I have only been following for a few months, but Olivia is so sweet, she makes every reader feel at home, and I love reading her words (which are gorgeous, BTW). I still can't really pronounce her blog's name quite right... but that is totally okay! Her blog is fabulous!

Incidents of a Literary Nature is another newer blog I'm following, but I absolutely adore it! Elizabeth posts of books and pretty much everything in between. I love reading her posts. :)

//Real-Life Blogging Friends// 
 photo Capture2_zpsf8fd169d.png Another great thing about blogging is how you can grow closer to your real-life friends as well. You can read what's on their mind and what they love. I was surprised to find how many of my real-life friends also have blogs. 

Inklined is a blog written by my dear friend, Sarah. She posts a lot about books, publishing, and writing. She is a fantastic writer and has tons of great advise for any aspiring writer. Plus, she's awesome!

The Idea Catcher is another wonderful writer blog written by Mia. She is very funny, and her posts never fail to brighten my day. She posts about her writing and books she's read, along with some other crazy things she does. 

Running His Road is a very refreshing blog by Rebekah, she writes amazing posts about her writing and faith that I never get tired of reading. 

A Bloom // An Ache is by Sayda, whom I've never actually met, she went to camp with my sister, but she is super sweet. Her posts are the definition of short and sweet, and her photography is breathtakingly beautiful. 

You + I is written by another of my dearest, closest friends. I've known Rachel for a really, really long time, and her words and poetry are gorgeous!

//Book Bloggers//
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It's probably no secret, I love reading, and through book blogs I have discovered some of my favorite books. 

Feed Me Books Now is one of the best book review blogs I've ever read. Ruby does an amazing job at reviewing books, but she is also able to give very thought provoking discussion topics as well. 

Living on Literary Lane is a darling blog. Elizabeth has all sorts of bookish things, cover reveals, reviews, discussions, but she also does a lot with classics, which I appreciate (I love me a good classic!) Other than books, she also posts about her writing and little events in life.

Paper Fury is the bomb! Cait is super funny, and I always check her reviews first before picking up a book I'm not sure about. She is also the master of gifs, seriously, no one uses them as well as Cait.

//Beautiful Words//
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Sometimes my heart just craves beautiful words, posts that dig their way into my soul and make me think, or cry, or sigh with happiness. 

The Cupcake Dictionary is one of my absolute favorite blogs ever! Definitely in the top three! Jocee doesn't post as often as she used to, but when she does I'm always rushing over to her blog to soak in her posts. Her whole blog is simply gorgeous!

Grace's Garden Walk is written by Grace, who can always post about the events of her life, but make them relevant to everyone who is reading. And her pictures illustrate her posts so well.

The Goodness Revolt is always such a lovely read! She posts about pretty much everything, but no matter what she writes about, it's always 100% beautiful!

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For the blogs I either can't fit in a single category, or random blogs that don't fit in my usual categories.

Into the Woods is a fashion blog. I don't typically follow fashion blogs, but I just can't get myself to unfollow this blog. Alexandra's outfits are totes adorbs, and I'm always wondering how she makes room in her closet for all her clothes!

My Holy Joy is always a breath of fresh air. She posts about deep, spiritual things, and I always leave her blog thinking. Her blog is really good at making you think.

Sew Technicolor is a blog about books, knitting and movies, what more could you possibly ask for in a blog!?

CARMEL is what used to be Tea and Bree, but remains another of my absolute favorites. Carmel posts about everything, but everything she posts about is fantastic!
There ya go! And, of course, feel free to share your favorite blogs in the comments, I'm forever in search of new blogs to sigh and obsess over. ;)


  1. You're awesome, Hannah! It made my day to see my blog on your list!

    Can't wait to check out all the blogs you mentioned. :)

  2. These are awesome blogs!!! It's funny how beautiful blogging people can be. :-D


    1. Ikr! I'm always amazed at what people have to write about in the blogging world.

  3. I already read several of these, but now I'm off to check out some others. And was sweet of you to include my blog in your list! :)

    1. You're welcome, Kristin. I really do love reading your blog tons! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Hannah, you're so sweet!!! I love your blog too, and your gorgeous writing. I can't wait to check out more of these blogs! They all sound fascinating. (-:

  5. Seeing this made me so happy. <3 thank you for mentioning me!! I went and had a peek at a couple blogs ~ I love finding new gems to follow. :)

  6. How I have not discovered your lovely blog space until now I have no idea. Your sweet words have made my day! Your words and blog design are fresh, lively and beautiful. Thank you so much for the link-up, girl!

  7. Hannah,
    What a lovely surprise to find my blog in this listing! Thanks so much, dear! :)