I wish I was a seagull

05 March 2015

From entry #86

I adore the beach. I love the thought of the big, beautiful ocean stretching out in front of me for miles and miles. I love the thought that someone way out on the other side of the world is touching the same water as me. I wish I were a seagull. I wish I could live next to the sea and live off of the food tossed to me by the ignorant tourists...
Seagulls are the luckiest creatures alive...
We spent the last week in Florida. 
I read at the beach. I walked through the swamp-y forests and saw more eagles and alligators than I have in my entire life. I wrote in my journal. I ate junk food with my sister and danced around my grandparent's house. I went to the space center where I had a bit of Tookishness well up and burst inside of me and I went up in the scary launch simulator (actually launching up into outer space isn't as bad as it seems... maybe I could be an astronaut... nah). I was called 'Sweetheart' by a random guy who worked at the adorable little ice cream shop. I got a Dumbo plush toy whist exploring Downtown Disney because one is ever too old for stuffed animals.

Winter is lovely and I have no complaints about it, but I highly recommend taking a visit to Florida when the snow and wind at home get bitter. It makes you appreciate the humidity. You won't even mind that your hair closely resembles a cotton ball.

photo cred: my sister, Erin


  1. Ohohooh. I love this. Being a seagull would be AMAZING. With the sea and the smell and all of that lovely stuff... amazing. <3

    Enjoyable post, Hannah. :-)

  2. Florida in the winter is fabulous! It's so warm and green and ahhhh. *sigh of bliss*

    I love this post! All of those little things make life just that much sweeter. ♥


  3. I was in Florida in the winter, too! I wanted to get a plushie (but never was granted one, sigh) but I did get Minnie Ears. Seagulls are amazing, except they tend to flock in the store parking lots and many don't want to honk their horns and scare them away... O-O

    xoxo Morning

    1. Well that's sad :( but Minnie ears are fun too! Aww, poor seagulls...

  4. The beach is very high on my bucketlist! I am currently studying Marine Biology and find it mildly ridiculous that I have never seen the ocean.

    Lovely pictures!

    1. You should totally go to the beach someday! It's so gorgeous and amazing!

  5. I love the beach and have been really missing it lately-thanks for the lovely post and photos!

  6. I love the photos, Hannah! Your trip to Florida sounds like it was absolutely lovely.

  7. this.
    i've never been to the beach. but suddenly i want to be a seagull too.