13 November 2015

The part of me that belongs in Paris is weeping tonight.

My parents looked at me as we were watching the news.
They've always been leery of my desires to live in France.
"I'm glad you're not there."
But the thing is, as I watched the horrible news footage of the police men running through the streets, and the numbers of casualties going up, I wanted to be there more than ever. My passion for the French people is burning.

I can't explain through words or thoughts exactly what I'm feeling right now, but I couldn't remain silent on this.

When they bombed and shot at Paris, they shot at my heart.



  1. this is beautifully tragic, the way you described this <3

  2. I feel your pain in my heart. Reading this post was the first thing that alerted me to the horror that was happening in paris...until reading this, I had no idea. thank you for sharing.