le happy

09 April 2016

books// rereading The Lord of the Rings for the millionth time and still not getting bored. Wuthering Heights, even though the characters are flawed and the plot is comparable to that of a soap opera. The Book Thief, because it will always hold a piece of my heart. The Night Circus, Vicious, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, and other stories that you can just drown in and forget everything around you.

words// copious. ineffable. epoch. serendipity. epiphany. solitude. oblivion. eternity. 

movies + tv// The Dead Poet Society. The Prince of Egypt. The Lord of the Rings (still not bored). Lost. I'm in complete denial that Downton Abbey is over.

scents// my french lavender and honey lotion that I apply religiously to my perpetually dry skin. The musty smell of one-hundred-year-old theaters. Crisp library book paper, early spring mornings after it rains.

songs// Rules for Lovers. Chasing all the Stars. All of the Of Monsters and Men and The Civil Wars albums. Numbing myself with old Taylor Swift and One Direction songs.

miscellany// hearing people talk in French and being able to understand them (a little). Surprise large cokes and green tea frappes from people I love. Lasts and firsts. Standing ovations. Having answers to questions. Realizing that you are not the same person you were four years ago, and it's okay. Finally having an excuse to buy a masquerade mask. Late night talks with best friends. Falling asleep while watching a movie.
I'm trying to remember the things that make me happy.

Blog has been put on the back-burner.

Love you all.

Be patient.

Thank you.


  1. so pretty. i love all of this xx

    patience is my thing [sometimes]

    tres belle. j'aime votre message. je parle francais parce que je lui prende dans mon ecole. je n'ai pas de l'accent mais j'aime ecouter les gens parlent francais. je suis fait, que plus tard. {and sorry for lack of accents. it's hard to get them on here}


    1. Merci beaucoup!

      And, yes, I totally get the frustrations with accents. :P

  2. Hi, Hannah! It is so good to hear from you again. I was getting worried after not hearing from you for so long (although I'm not one to talk, am I?). Are things okay with you?

    1. Aww thank you Danielle! I've missed all of you, and I've been wanting to post for forever... But what with getting ready to graduate and all, I've been drowning in school work. I'll get back in the swing of things soon, though, and get all caught up with the bloggy world. ^.^

  3. I adore this post. Downton Abbey. Green Tea frappes. Taylor Swift. Sigh. <3

  4. I feel really bad because although I finally was able to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies this year, still haven't gotten myself to read the books. Perhaps over the summer, though... It's great to have you back in the blogging world! I myself have also came back from a somewhat awkward absence.

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I love the smell of musty one-hundred year old theaters, too. They're just something wonderful and slightly magical about them. :)

  5. Bonjour, mon ami! Ca va? I have missed your blog posts. You have a way with words, Hannah, that is so honest, and beautiful, and clear, and so well put. I couldn't agree more about answers to questions, standing ovations, those beautiful words, and so many other things! This post made me happy and sad all at once. I hope you can find things that make you happy... Best wishes.

  6. Your blog is so sweet, i look forward to more. <3

  7. Girl. I've missed reading your blog. How have you been???

  8. I, too, am in complete denial that Downton Abbey is over.

    I have never read Lord of the Rings...which I am repeatedly told is a travesty. AND it's also so weird, because I am a CS Lewis junkie and Narnia and LoTR have connections yo. I need to put this on my list. I need to read these books.

    I MISS YOU AND YOUR LOVELY WRITING. But I hope life is going soo well and beautifully for you whilst you chase after all the other glories things that you will slay and conquer. :)