more than passion

25 March 2017

"On n'est point toujours une bête pour l'avoir été quelquefois."

"Being a fool sometimes does not make one a fool all the time." (quote from Denis Diderot, French philosopher)
I've always been a believer in the impossible. I always thought that if you were to dream something, and want something, and be passionate enough about something that it would be bound to come true. This optimistic, sickly sweet, Disney-princess perspective I had came to define my worldview.

It's amazing how we are challenged and tested as we grow older. I love to look back on my life and see how my thoughts and opinions have evolved and matured over time.
God has thrown curve balls at me, and I've discovered the hard way that there is much more than just passion that you need in order to achieve something.

It's a discouraging thing to walk into a room and meet twenty other people with the exact same dream as you. You no longer feel special. You question whether or not the world really needs you when there are hundreds of others who are more qualified.
Comparison has always been my bane, and has caused me to give up many aspirations, despite how passionate I thought I was.

I have found my own passion to be a flighty thing, jumping from one goal to another. It's so easy to go after whatever sounds most appealing or achievable at the time, instead of focusing on one thing. There is a sort of drive, commitment, and persistence that one needs. Something that will cause you to go after what you want, even when your passion is questioned. I always admire people who are able to stick with what they started, and it is something that I am forever learning myself.

I still believe adamantly that passion is an important trait to have. If you're going to be doing something for the rest of your life, you should be passionate about it, or at least enjoy doing it. It is the glue that holds dreams together. But there are more ingredients that go into succeeding.

My goals, dreams, thoughts, and opinions will continue to change as I face new obstacles and triumphs. But I'm learning that that's a good thing. I'm glad that I've had to learn these things the hard way, and I feel like my passions have been strengthened through it. I'm excited for wherever life takes me.


  1. I resonate with this post so strongly! First, that quote is just so powerful. I don't know what it is about it, but it just struck me. And I struggle with comparison, too. It reminds me of the Bible story where Peter asks Jesus about what will happen in John's life - we're not supposed to focus on others around us and competing/comparing with them, but man, it's so hard! I love your heart and your tone in this piece. I believe in you! Go after your dreams! There is only one you, and God has an amazing purpose to accomplish with your talents. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Erin! I think that comparison is definitely something that a lot of people struggle with.
      Also I love this quote too. <3

  2. Wow this is so powerful! <3<3<3

  3. I relate to this so much. Comparison is another thing I heavily struggle with-- I always feel pressured to be perfect, thus the reason for my most common post (I found something that didn't reflect with who I was and is I've been panicking about that). And tingled in with that is the flightyness but hey, God's taking us on a path to wander and answer his calling, and the struggles we're facing right now we can get through. <3

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. He definitely is! Isn't that the best thing?
      Thank you for your comment, Abigail!

  4. I agree. I have so much passion but the second I see someone else like me, I fall away. I feel unworthy. I have those back and forth thoughts on a daily basis. its exhausting.
    just keep telling yourself what God says of you and hold that closer than your fears and know that other people are talented but that has no correlation to your own abilities.

    1. It's definitely a struggle. But, yes, reminding yourself of what God is calling you to do can feed your passion and motivations even when you feel discouraged!