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06 April 2018

I'm oriented around the future. I'm always thinking about it. What I'll do tomorrow. When I'll see that person again after we say goodbye. Where I'll be in a year, or two, or ten. How every decision I make draws me closer to that goal, that fear, that success. The future calls me and terrifies me.
I can easily let the little things slip away from me. I forget to sit back and soak them all in, those moments that touch my heart and fill me with joy without my noticing.

1. That worn, soft cardigan I somehow figure out how to wear with everything.
2. Every cat video and picture on instagram.
3. Watching through The Crown in little parts while I eat quick meals. 
4. When reading for school turns into reading for pleasure.
5. Those contemplative five minutes I lay in bed with my eyes shut after my alarm goes off every morning.
6. Discovering new beautiful blogs and youtube channels that brighten my life.
7. Weekends at home.
9. Watching energetic puppies grow up.
10. Perfecting my recipe for homemade London Fogs.
11. Holding hands.
12. this poem.
13. Pretzels and cashews covered in chocolate, and eaten with reckless abandon.
14. Being thankful for the existence of libraries and access to free books all the time.
15. Long talks with your sisters about nothing and everything.
16. Praying and reading Psalms.
17. Little signs of spring everywhere.
18. The Anastasia original broadway cast soundtrack.
19. Aimlessly walking through stores with nothing to buy.
20. Somehow getting ahead in my reading challenge for the year.
21. The diligent reminder that everything is in God's perfect control.
22. Vibrant sunsets.
23. Eating pints of ice cream that soothes away sickness like the best medicine.
24. Teaching myself how to write again.
25. The ghosts of new ambitions and goals forming in my head.
26. Actually feeling motivated and getting stuff done.
27. Venti iced chai lattes with vanilla every single day.
28. Thunderstorms.
29. Gaining more appreciation and love for Friday nights than ever before.
30. Being able to speak French.
31. Rereading my favorite books.
32. Catching up with old friends.
33. Realizing that I might actually be good enough.
34. Watching the people I love succeeding and being happy.
35. Documentaries about Russian history.
36. Looking at beautiful travel photography on pinterest.
37. Listening to acapella.
38. Browsing library shelves for stories and authors I've never heard of.
39. Long hot showers.
40. The wonderful relieving feeling of spring cleaning and decluttering.

What's been making you happy lately?


  1. This post brightened my day 100%. It's so easy to go from one thing to the next without appreciating the little moments that make this life worth living. Lately I've been trying to notice my family and how absolutely wonderful they are. My older sister's morning yawns, my little sister's constant dress up games and making my mom laugh. This life if truly beautiful.

    ~ Ella

    1. Aw your comment is so sweet Ella! Life really is beautiful when you sit back and take in the little things!

  2. I relate to this so much. It's the little things that make life brighter. Especially sunsets and libraries and getting stuff done. : )

    I really can't say enough about Kate's poem. She's the best.

    p.s. so so touched that you enjoyed January series. *hugs*

    1. Yes! Sunsets and libraries are some of my favorite things!
      Kate is an inspiration!
      Thanks for writing the January Series, it was so refreshing and motivating! I loved it!

  3. the anastasia broadway soundtrack. <3333
    this is such a good idea. i know that i always have one foot in the past and one in the future, so i rarely appreciate the present. this really made me think though. mind if i do something similar?
    thank you.

    1. Hey go for it girl! I'd love to read about all the happy things in your post if you write one like this!!