little things ii

12 September 2019

Finally understanding the Enneagram I always knew I would be obsessed with the Enneagram if I would just take the time to learn it. Well I finally have and I love it! I'm a strong 6 and I've never felt more understood in my life. I keep typing people in my life, and it's so fascinating how personality types can be so different but work so well together. Also the Enneagram type songs by Sleeping at Last are so perfect. I'm obsessed with the one for 6. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Attempting my first readathon (and failing miserably) I'm a huge fan of booktube and bookstagram, and when Ariel Bissett announced the Reading Rush (previously known as the Booktubeathon) for 2019, I decided I wanted to participate. I excitedly made a TBR with books that fit all the challenges. I even had grace on myself by not even attempting to read the full 7 books in the week. My goal was 4, including some super short reads. In the end I finished 3, and one of them I had started before the readathon. Even after a few days of keeping up and reading a lot, I still failed.
I don't think the concept of readathons is necessarily for me, but it was fun to try.

Starting my senior year of college I feel so old. These first 3 years have gone by so fast and so slowly all at once, and I don't know what to think about it. I have many reflections which I'll wait to share until I've been able to process it all. But I will say I'm grateful for what this season of life has taught me, I am so so so ready to move past it and begin another chapter. I have a feeling this last year is going to be the longest though.

Chai lattes Okay maybe I talked about chai lattes a little too much, but they deserve a shout out. They are such a comfort drink for me. Whenever I have a bad day or I'm anxious and stressed about something, Chai really pulls through. The lattes are creamy and sweet with an amazing flavor that hits the spot. But maybe I should learn how to make my own so I can save my bank account.

Listening to AJR and Jon Bellion non-stop Ever since the spring I have been obsessed with AJR and Jon Bellion and just alternative/techno pop music in general. They get me excited and motivated, but their songs and messages are so different. AJR came to my college earlier this year and gave a free concert. I somehow got to the front row and it was exactly the experience I needed. They're amazing live and all their songs have been favorites at one point or another.
Jon Bellion songs you need to listen to: conversations with my wife, good things fall apart, maybe idk, munny right, ooh
AJR songs you need to listen to: 100 bad days, next up forever, turning out, netflix trip, come hang out

Moving into an apartment I've unofficially moved out of my parents house (besides when I'll come home for school breaks) and it feels just as weird as it sounds. I love the independence, the quiet, and the fact that I have my own place that I'm responsible for. But with all that comes bills and making sure I remember to take care of my needs. Sometimes I have a bad day and all I want is to go back home where I have safety and security (once again, I'm a 6). I'm finally getting in a routine though, and it's been an overall rewarding experience.

Glimpses of fall I feel like fall is the quickest, most fleeting season of the year. When it comes you have to appreciate every moment before you blink and the frost, ice, and snow take over. I've been watching out for the first signs of fall since September started. There are some leaves that are shifting to red and orange colors. There has also been some crisp mornings where I got to wear a cardigan while I walked to campus.

Getting engaged (!!!) Obviously there's been a lot of big moments happening in my life, but this one takes the cake. If you follow my personal account on instagram, you've probably already seen, but it happened and I'm getting married! I've kept my relationship low key online, but I want to write a special post dedicated to this wonderful time, so don't worry. I'll give you more details about my relationship and my eventual wedding as it all comes together. My heart is so full and I'm loving every minute of planning and preparing for marriage. Even the stressful days when I feel like I just want it to be done.

Just a little life update for you today
What's something happening in your world? 


  1. This post is so cozy and lovely and amazing. <3 Sleeping At Last has the most peaceful music ever. And congrats on being almost done with college!!

    YOU'RE ENGAGED. YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3333 I can't wait to hear more about that; so special. ❤

  2. Isn’t the Enneagram fascinating!!! I’ve been learning about it too, and although I’m sure what “type” I am yet, it’s been so fun to research. Oh yes, and Sleeping at Last Enneagram songs are just…wow.
    Congrats on all these new things, Hannah!! MANY CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!! So exciting!!


    1. It's so fascinating!
      Thank you for your sweet comment, Keira!

  3. Isn't the enneagram amazing? I'm a fellow six, and it's so crazy how understood I feel reading through the different posts.

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so so happy for you <3

    1. It's always good to meet another 6! It's so relatable!
      Thank you Grace Anne!

  4. Congratulations, Hannah!! The engagement period is such a joyous one--soak in all the celebrations.