Little Things iii

24 January 2020

Things I've been loving recently:

Boy Meets World while this is no new find for me, I recently got to rewatch my favorite episodes with a free trial of Disney+. I love this show so much! Despite the fact it can be cheesy at times, it's definitely one of my top favorite shows of all time and my absolute favorite sitcom! I care so much for the characters, their growth, and the hard topics explored in the episodes. It's my favorite thing to watch when I'm stressed.

What Should I Read Next Podcast I just recently began listening to this famous book podcast by Anne Bogel, and I must say I love it! It's a classic podcast with recommendations for all types of books. I love the way Anne describes the synopsis of the books she recommends and the insightful discussions she has with her guests. Definitely a new favorite podcast to look forward to every week!

3 Warm Winter Teas for Winter - Here to Create Kate published this post a month or so ago and I loved it! I want to try all of these yummy teas as soon as possible! Also her video and post are just so cozy and fun.

Derry Girls my sister recommended this show to me, and after a couple episodes I got very into it! Following a group of friends in Northern Ireland during the '90s, it has lots of dark humor with an informative historical backdrop. I will be interested in watching the next season whenever it comes out!

The Realities of a Broken Church and a Broken World - Beautifully Broken just some strong truth in this post!

Notre Dame de Paris Musical soundtrack this classic French musical is a gem based on one of my favorite books. It has some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard! Even if you don't speak French it will make you feel all the feels! This is a great soundtrack to read some fantasy novels to.

The Life of a Bluebird - Jordan Taylor another great video from Jordan Taylor. I'm loving how you never know when or what he will post, but no matter what it's always good. This video is one of my favorites from him following the life of a bluebird.

My 5AM Writing (& Morning) Routine - Christy Anne Jones I'm naturally a morning person, but I've been wanting to work on waking up even earlier than normal. I want to be intentionally productive, and one of the first steps for me is waking up early. This video was so inspiring in encouraging me to write more and to be productive in the mornings.

The Witcher I know this show won't be for everyone, it has quite mature content, but I'm really enjoying it! I've been craving so much fantasy and this is perfect! I'm getting really into the characters and their twisty timelines. Also the acting and special effects are so much better than a lot of other fantasy shows I've watched. I'm very impressed with this show so far and need to read the books soon!

Everything Bagels one of my favorite snacks lately are bagels. I love bagels in every flavor with cream cheese or butter. But everything bagels are my go to at the moment!
What have you been loving?


  1. Yes, everything bagels are delicious! And I agree with you about Kate’s videos, they’re always so beautiful and calming. :) I’ll have to check out the rest of these things, this was such a cool post idea! <333