Reading in November

11 December 2020

I don't remember reading much in November. My brain was very much in a writing mode due to NaNoWriMo (which I'll be highlighting more about in a future post), and I didn't think I read as much as I did.

I've been reading on my kindle a lot, just stealing pages and minutes of reading whenever I could. And somehow I ended the month with four books read, which I am very happy with! I can't wait to finish my reading year strong!

The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

This one was a reread for me. I've been wanting to continue in this series since I've heard so many good things about it, but I remembered next to nothing about the first book. My feelings remain pretty much the same this time around. It's a fun, interesting, and overall clever fantasy book following a thief going on an adventure. I love Gen as a character and the narrative voice the author gives him is done so cleverly! I'm also a sucker for original fairytales and myths in fantasy novels. They make the world feel so much more rich and rooted in reality, and this book did so well with them. Just like my first read through, I felt like the plot dragged in a few places, but the threads come together in such a satisfying way in the end and make it all worth it. I hope to get to the rest of this series soon because I need more!

Rating: ★

The War That Saved My Life - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

When I think back on this book through the lens of a young reader this is a very solid story of children finding a new life for themselves after escaping their abusive mother during the WWII evacuations. As other reviews have said, it's not something super original is you've read a lot of other middle grade WWII books, but I think if I had read this back in fourth grade I would have loved it! However, with the vast amount of praise this book has received, I expected this book to be among the greatest middle grade books I've ever read that transcend the intended age demographic. Unfortunately, this book didn't quite do that for me. I found half of the characters and plot points to be unnecessary. I know there is a second book that could expand more on them, but for this book it wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped. The ending was also super rushed, in my opinion. And I found the writing to be a little too juvenile for me to fully enjoy as an adult. Again, for young readers, this is no problem. I was just surprised at how many adults have found the writing and impact of this book to be so strong. Maybe the hype just got to me.

Rating: ★

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

I have such strong feelings for every Neil Gaiman book I've read. Whether it's negative or positive, it's always on one extreme or the other. I'm glad to say that this book fell on the positive end of the spectrum! I had intended to read this book in October, but it was still a perfect transitional, fall read in November. This story follows a little boy who is raised in a graveyard by ghosts after his family is mysterious murdered. You would think the subject matter would be a bit dark for a middle grade book, but it's done in such a whimsical way that was perfect! The world is developed beautifully, and the journey the characters go through is so well thought out. Gaiman's story telling abilities are mind blowing! I couldn't help but feel like this could be adapted into a perfect Pixar movie!

Rating: ★

The Martian - Andy Weir

This book about a man abandoned on Mars is probably the smartest thing I've ever read. The amount of research and detail that was put into telling this story is insane for me to think about! That being said, while I really appreciated it, a lot of the chemistry and science-y stuff went way over my head. Science wasn't my strong suit in school. But the amount of technical stuff in this book is very well balanced with the humor and cleverness of the main character Mark Watney. I can't say I would have his same care-free attitude if I had to survive on Mars, but he made the whole journey exciting, funny, and page turning!

Rating: ★


What did you read in November?


  1. The Graveyard Book is one of my absolute favorites by Gaiman! What else of his have you read?

    1. I really love Stardust and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, but I absolutely hated American Gods. His writing and storytelling is incredible, though, and I want to work through all his books!

  2. I really want to read The Graveyard Book now!! Lovely reviews!