Little Things viii

20 January 2024

Watching my baby grow up This could by at the top of my favorites list every time. I feel like I wake up to a new baby every single day with how fast she is changing and growing up. I mourn for the days and moments I'll never get back with her as a newborn and infant, yet they are always replaced with new memories with her that are just as precious. It's my greatest joy.

Seasoned popcorn Popcorn has always been a favorite snack of mine. We have started to collect different seasonings to try, and it has really elevated the whole popcorn experience. Right now I'm really loving the Chili Lime and any flavor that adds some spice.

Rewatching The Lizzie Bennett Diaries I was feeling really nostalgic for the old videos I used to watch on Youtube, and one series I've been loving all over again is The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, the vlog retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It's such a classic web show that still holds up over 10 years after it was published. If you missed it while it was coming out, I highly recommend starting it!

Small touches that make our house feel like a home We have officially lived in our house for over a year, and it's finally starting to feel like our own place. Painting, thrifted furniture, throw pillows, all the little touches have made a huge difference while we're still waiting to do big renovation projects. 

Snow I've had a such a longing for snow this winter. Specifically for that cozy feeling you get when you're warm inside, watching snow pile up around you. It finally came at last this week, and it's everything I needed to get my spirits up this winter. 

It Takes Two My husband has been wanting to play this game with me for awhile, and we finally picked it up. We've been playing through it slowly, but it's been fun. It's a game that has a lot of little details I appreciate and the story is fun to follow.

The Overdue Podcast This has become one of my go-to podcasts lately. Each episode features a different book that one of the hosts reads and discusses, and it really feels like the bookclub I've never been able to find in my real life. I've been listening through all the backlist episodes for my old favorite books while I clean or cook and it's been great!

Adagio Teas We got a tea Advent calendar for Christmas from Adagio teas and we had to buy some of our favorite flavors in bulk to have on hand through the year. My personal favorite right now is the Always Nuts loose leaf tea. I have it several times a week and it's a perfect apple, nutty flavor that I love.

Writing out my Bible reading I started a notebook to write out Bible verses as I read them during my quiet time in the morning. It's been very helpful to slow down and really think about and study what I'm reading. I've read through all of Galatians and am working on Ephesians now.


What have you been loving?

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  1. Your life feels so cozy, and your photos are beautiful! ♡ Love reading Pauls letters as well, I'm now reading the book of Johsua ♡