the podcasts I'm listening to

04 May 2019

I have a new found love and appreciation for podcasts. I love having something to listen to while I work, clean, or walk around campus. I'm not always in the mood for music, and I very rarely listen to audiobooks, so podcasts are usually my go to.

With podcasts, I don't have to pay close attention to what the hosts are talking about, like how I do when I listen to audiobooks, but I always feel like I'm still getting something out of listening. It's a good way to multi-task. I could be folding laundry, but also learning things through my earbuds. I've also made it a part of my bedtime routine to listen to 10-15 minutes of a podcast each night, and I've found that listening to people talk helps me relax and get sleepy.

My favorite kinds of podcasts to listen to are the ones that focus on books (of course), stories, and self reflection and inspiration. There are so many unique ways creators have been able to use the format of podcasting, and it's amazing how many different ones you can find.

I've barely dipped my toes into the vast world of podcasts, but I've compiled a list of the ones I've been listening to for the past several weeks. They're all great for people to start with if they aren't used to podcast formats, but they're also just amazing for anyone in general who is looking for new podcasts to listen to.

The Currently Reading Podcast, hosted by Meredith and Kaytee is my all time favorite podcast at the moment. It's the one that I get so excited for when I see a new episode posted every week. Out of the many literary podcasts I listen to, this one is superior.

This show doesn't try to do anything too creative or over the top with its format. Its simplicity is what I appreciate the most, and it's the reason why I find it so comforting to return to each week.

Every episode is consistent, starting off with the "bookish moments of the week," and a run down of what books the hosts have recently read. They also have incredible insightful discussions on topics surrounding books and the reader life.

The perspectives that Meredith and Kaytee provide are refreshing and different than many other book reviewers I follow on Youtube and Instagram. It's their strong opinions and unique, back list recommendations that make this show really stand out among the rest of my subscriptions.

I've mentioned this podcast before, but it's worth recommending again. This one is made up of very lighthearted and funny retellings of different myths and legends.

I love how they don't focus on only the classic myths, but branch out to tell stories from so many different countries and time periods. I have learned so much about different cultures through listening to this podcast. It's so comforting to listen to because the episodes are short and fun.

They've been making the podcast for awhile, so there's a huge catalog of myths and legends to listen to whenever. The creators also have a podcast called Fictional that uses the same format as Myths and Legends, but retells stories from classic literature which I adore as well.

The SSR Podcast is one of the most unique ones I've ever listened to. Each week, Alli and a guest dive into an old childhood book to reread and discuss from an adult perspective. It's so interesting to hear about all the old books I read when I was younger that I had forgotten about. It's a nostalgic experience.

This isn't a podcast I prioritize listening to every single week. I only listen when they're discussing a book I've already read. But it's still such a great show that I look forward to nonetheless. I get so excited when they announce what book they're going to be talking about on Instagram.

If there was one podcast I would absolutely love to be a guest on myself this would be it. I can't help but get excited over what old favorite I would pick if I were to be on the show. Even though it's very unlikely I would ever be asked to be a guest, I love how this podcast encourages me to go back and revisit all of the books I loved as a young reader.

This podcast just started up in January this year, and I only discovered it recently. Even though this is still a new to me podcast, I can already tell it's a special one that I'll follow for a long time. 
In each episode, the host Laura Tremaine picks a different subject for discussion.

The goal in this podcast is to encourage the listeners to reflect, journal about, or discuss with friends 10 things within the weekly subject. Topics range from favorite books, skin care routines, to things that are deeper like 10 things you expected to be. 
I love the shows that make you think, and this is definitely one of them.

Another simple, bookish podcast. I've followed Katie and Mollie on their youtube channels for awhile. I love their deep love for books and the perspectives they give on the stories they read. They have amazing recommendations and I always trust their opinions.

What I especially appreciate about this book podcast is that this one doesn't focus solely on books. This is also a lifestyle podcast as Katie and Mollie spend time on their show talking about their personal life. They give amazing recommendations for food, music, tv shows, and a bunch of other things their loving as well as books.

This one is sweet and calming, and even though they've switched to only posting every other week I couldn't love the podcast any more!


Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones are you loving at the moment?


  1. I need to definitely check them out! What platform do you listen them to? :)

    1. I mainly listen through itunes, but most are also available on spotify if that's easier for you.

  2. Oh these look good! I’ll have to check them out!

  3. I've been desperately needing some new podcasts! I'm so excited to listen to these.

    1. Well I'm so happy I could help you out! They're all amazing!