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24 September 2020


Podcasts have become my constant companion over the past two years or so. I love being able to learn and listen and feel like I'm part of a conversation with someone while I'm cleaning, working, or taking a walk. It feels like a much more productive way to spend my time than listening to music, or even audiobooks. 

Last year I shared a list of my top favorite podcasts. I still love all the podcasts I mentioned in this post and listen to them regularly. Since writing that post, though, I've found several new favorites and have been waiting for an excuse to share them on the blog for awhile. 

I have seven new-to-me podcasts I'm excited to talk about. As always, books are a common theme in everything I consume online. I love learning about new books to read in any format. But other than books and discussions on reading, I love well done podcasts on history, theology, and stories in general.

This podcast is a relatively recent find for me, and it's so calming to listen to. It's run by the owner of a small, independent bookshop in Georgia, The Bookshelf Thomasville. I love this podcast not only for the excellent book recommendation from another avid reader, but also just the slice-of-life conversations, and the deep dives on the logistics of owning an independent bookshop. So homey and comforting. 

I mentioned the podcast, The Bible Recap, in my recent Little Things post, BibleProject is completely different and not affiliated, but I love it just as much! This podcast follows different themes and topics of the Bible and goes deep into the theological implications and meanings. It gives me the level of theological exploration that I feel like I need to grow closer to God and my faith, but it's presented in very digestible pieces. Any Christian who wants to go beyond the surface-level of the Bible would get a lot from this podcast.

This podcast is not new by any means. Anne Bogel's podcast is the mother of all bookish podcasts, but I'm ashamed to say I hadn't discovered it until recently. I love the unique format of giving book recommendations based on a guest's favorite and least favorite books. I have added so many new books to my TBR from Anne Bogel's recommendations, and also from the books her guests mention. This podcast is truly a classic for anyone who's always on the lookout for new books to read.

I know this is a podcast I talked about in my Little Things post, but I can't stop talking about it! I won't go into to much detail on this one, but if you love narrative tellings of history, politics and monarchy, corruption, and true crime, you'll absolutely love everything about this!

I debated whether or not to include this one on this list, but I've been enjoying it so much! This is a non spoiler discussion of The Wheel of Time series following chapter by chapter through the whole series. Since I've been reading The Wheel of Time for the first time, I have found this podcast so helpful in my understanding of the fantasy world and all the little details that are easy to overlook when you're new to the story. I know this is niche and won't be for everyone, but if you're thinking of reading The Wheel of Time, I can't recommend this enough!

Despite the title of the podcast, I personally am not obsessed with the British royalty, but I do have a fascination with the life of the modern day royals. This is definitely my guilty pleasure podcast for when I just want to immerse myself in royalty, forget about my mundane life, and pretend to care about what Kate Middleton was wearing at a charity event.

Ariel Bissett is a pioneer of Booktube I've followed for a long time. I don't have a very similar reading taste as her, nor do I agree with everything she talks about on her channel, but I still truly value listening to her inputs. Ariel and her friend Raeleen have a very straight-forward format to their podcast, but their recommendations are well cultivated, and their discussions are always interesting. They help me to think deeper about what I'm reading.

Have you listened to any of these? What are some podcasts you've been loving recently? 

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