Reading in August

08 September 2020

I read a lot of variety in August. I didn't even realize it until I looked back on what I read for this post. It's months like this that really showcase how much of a mood reader I am. Non fiction memoir, chick lit, allegorical fiction, dense fantasy, it's all in my wrap up this month and I love it! I just love how many different books there are to read, enjoy, and learn from!

August was a good reading month. Of course I didn't finish as much as I did in July, but I'm perfectly okay with that. I value reading at my own pace, and I still managed to read five books. I'm on track with my reading goal and I couldn't ask for anything more! 

Educated - Tara Westover

I was completely enthralled in this audiobook. It was a beautifully written, engaging, and unbelievable account of Tara's life with an extreme survivalist family and how she found herself through education. There were parts I wish would have been more fleshed out. She glazes over certain things, like how she was able to teach herself enough to pass the ACT, which I felt would have been a much bigger deal for someone who had barely any education. This book focuses a lot more on the family dynamic and the abuse she suffered, and so a lot of Tara's accomplishments feel nonchalant. Some things just felt a little far-fetched since we don't get as much detail about it. I personally wanted more explanation. However, this is overall a small complaint since this is Tara's memoir based on her own experience and point of view. Definitely a worthwhile read in any case! 

Rating: ★

In Five Years - Rebecca Serle

This book made me so mad! I have a full spoiler review on Goodreads for anyone who is curious about my detailed reasons for why I did not like this one. But what I'll say here is that I felt extremely betrayed by this story. I felt like the author built this up in the first 100 pages to be one thing and then completely threw it all out the window in an attempt to be unpredictable. I like twisty plots, but this book did not do it well, and it didn't need it. The initial premise of a perfectionist who's planned life doesn't go as planned, the magical element of a dream that leads her to the person she's supposed to be with, the fun, fast-paced writing was enough for me. Not only that, but cancer was used as a major plot device that felt jarring, and I did not appreciate it. It's not like I wouldn't recommend this book. If it's your thing, go for it! But just know that the way it's marketed is not accurate.

Rating: ★

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

I already talked about my new found love for Game of Thrones in my last post, but I have to be a broken record here. There's a reason why these books are so hyped up. There's a reason why this series is on so many best-fantasy-stories-of-all-time lists. The world is so vast, the characters so complex and iconic, the politics so engaging that I cannot stop thinking about it. This first book especially establishes everything so well, without getting so bogged down in exposition as some fantasy books do. Within 50 pages, the plot thickens and you're invested. I loved the experience reading the book more than watching the show. There are so many details you can miss in the show, and the book really added to my love for the world. I can't wait to pick up the next book as soon as possible!


Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

There's not much for me to say about this one. I read this along with my Bible reading for the month, and it was a nice, easy, accessible read. It's very encouraging to have these reminders to be grateful, and how to express your gratitude to God and to those around you. There wasn't anything I disagreed with in this particular book. I always wish these books to be a bit more theologically deep, but this book does what it's supposed to and is great for anyone who needs an easy to understand approach to studying biblical concepts.


A Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards

This is a book I remember my sister reading and highly recommending. I found it on the Libby app a couple weeks ago and finished it within an hour and a half. There is so much packed into this little book! You're left with so much to reflect on and think about. This is an allegorical story, in the tradition of C.S. Lewis and other great Christian writers, based around the concept of leadership and how sometimes God places us under bad leadership to draw us closer to Him. These themes are explored through a retelling of King Saul and David, and in the later half David and Absalom. While this isn't a script, it's written in a way that makes you feel like you're watching a play. I did think that the retelling was a bit sparse and could've been fleshed out more. But ultimately, I think it was the author's intent to keep this brief and as simple as possible so that it would be easily accessible to those who need its message (those who are suffering under bad leadership, or those who have been hurt by church leadership in the past). I highly recommend this book!

Rating: ★


What did you read in August?


  1. Educated has been on my list for a while now. Love a good memoir
    I’ve eyed Game of Thrones books for a while, but wasn’t sure what to make of all the hype. Great to hear they are actually good reading! Have to add them to my list, now!
    A Tale of Three Kings sound interesting too!

    your reading wrap-ups are always A+

    1. I hope you enjoy all those books whenever you decide to pick them up! And I'm so glad you appreciate my wrap-ups! :)