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27 March 2021

Starting my first adult job My blog has been sadly abandoned for the past month, and it's not because I haven't been wanting to write, or haven't had any ideas for posts. It's simply because I officially started my first grown up, full time job. I may talk more about what I do in the future, but for now I will say I'm in the marketing field, and I'm so blessed to be able to work from home. It's been so great and fulfilling so far, but I'm still getting used to navigating this new schedule and how to make room for the things I love to do outside of work, like this blog.

These videos: picking the 2021 goodreads challenge colour - Ariel Bissett / How I Wrote, Edited, Cover Designed, Recorded Audiobook, Marketed and Published a Book in 90 Days! - Becca C. Smith / A Productive Self-Care Weekend Alone || reading, hygge, & sourdough - Morgan Long (and all her vlogs, honestly) / Cozy & Relaxing Vermont Winter Morning Routine - K.A. Emmons / How to Romanticize Your Life || Being the Main Character of Your Life - Darling Desi

Using a milk frother I got a milk frother for Christmas, and it's really been stepping up my game when I make homemade tea lattes. I have finally perfected the London Fog and I look forward to it so much every morning.

Saving Private Ryan My husband and I have been working through a long list of movies and tv shows we want to watch or rewatch soon, and Saving Private Ryan was one that really stood out. I loved all the historical details that were incorporated and the rawness of the story. Amidst the over saturation of WWII stories, this movie is something special.

Lightroom I'm not a professional photographer, and I have no desire to start a photography business, but I've been taking more pictures. I want to learn how a camera works and how to enhance my pictures for fun. I offered to take engagement photos for my sisters who are getting married soon, and so I thought it was as good an opportunity as any to try a more professional editing software. It's been fun playing around with color toning and lighting to make my pictures look the way I envisioned them.

Being featured in a BooksandLala video This was a surprising thing that happened during my absence. BooksandLala, a popular booktuber I've been watching for awhile, posted a vlog where she read books for her enneagram. As some of you know, I wrote a blog post about book recommendations for each enneagram type a year ago. Somehow my little blog post came up in her research and she used my recommendation as one of her reads for the video. It was such a surreal moment to watch someone read a post of mine in a video and to actually take my recommendation. I know it may not seem like a big deal to people outside of the book/reading community, but it was exciting to me.

Embroidery I used to do embroidery in high school. I've been wanting to get back into it recently, so I took a trip to hobby lobby to get some supplies to start stitching again. There's something that feels so good about using your hands to make something when all my other hobbies involve a screen or computer. 

Scrivener Another software I've been playing with. Since I've been working on writing a book, I decided to invest in Scrivener since so many writers rave about it. After several months, I can confirm, it's such a fun and helpful resource for creative writers. I especially love how it tracks my writing history so I can look back on how far I've come, and how it makes keeping up with my outline so much easier. 

The library opening up Ever since we've moved I have been unable to explore the library in my new area due to lockdown guidelines. But at the end of February I was at long last able to get myself a library card and walk through the shelves. Being able to browse libraries and bookstores relieves so much stress, even if I don't buy or checkout anything. It's been amazing, though my TBR is hurting.


What have you been loving?


  1. That's exciting being featured in a video!

    I've been wanting to edit a huge backlog of photos to make into photobooks, I'm just a bit frustrated with the hold Adobe has on creative software, but since my files are raw I'm not sure what choice I have.

    Our libraries are starting to open up, but I've moved to Kindle, I don't live in the city and the county libraries are too small, so I've been borrowing ebooks, I finally moved that direction, it's much better than I thought. Not ideal, but I want to be way more minimalists, stuff is stressful.

    I'll have to check out all those links, I found Darling Desi via one of your posts, and she is one of my favorite youtubers now!

  2. I know too well, the struggle of balancing work + life + and a blog. It can get really tricky.
    Saving Private Ryan is a gut punch of a film, but oh such a good one. Have you seen Defiance yet? If not, I think it definitely deserves a spot on any watch-list.
    I have loved all Kate’s winter vlogs. Although Vermont way more North, watching it feels like a slice of my own life too.

    always happy to see your posts.