My Five Star Predictions

10 April 2020

I have an ever growing TBR list that is currently well over 300 books. I use my list as a reference. It's my way of remembering all the titles that interest me, and I turn to it whenever I'm looking for a new book to read. There are some books, however, that are of higher priority than others that I can't wait to pick up as soon as possible.

Whether they were recommend by someone I trust, or are ones I was instantly drawn to by the synopsis or the cover, there are just certain books I know I'm destined to devour and love! I have come to know myself very well as a reader over the years. I have a distinct taste in books. There are a select few I have a gut feeling about, books I predict I will give a solid five stars when I read them.

There are many booktubers who have done the "Five Star Predictions" tag on their channels. Some of my favorites are Basically Britt, BooksandLala, and Alexandra Roselyn. I love hearing about how people choose the books they want to read, and to learn their different reasoning for why they think the books will be five stars and potential new favorites of all time.

I have such a broad range of genres and titles I'm interested in. My taste is all over the place. From dense fantasy to middle grade historical fiction, I like to say I can enjoy reading anything. However, when it comes to giving books a full five stars, I'm way more selective. It's incredibly rare that I give a book five stars, even if I enjoy it a lot.

For today's post I wanted to make a list of a few books on my TBR that I want to prioritize, books I think will be five stars. This will hopefully also hold me accountable so that I won't procrastinate on reading these books I'm excited for. It may take me months to read through this list, but I will do an update when I'm finished to conclude if I can totally trust my gut when picking books to read.

I absolutely adore Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's one of the most powerful and unbelievable stories I've ever read, but more than that it's the book that made me fall in love with biographies and non fiction as a whole. The way Hillenbrand tells a story and makes you care is masterful, so I've been dying to pick up this other work of hers. I'll admit, I don't care much for horses, but I trust I'll still love this if Laura Hillenbrand wrote it.

I've read the full Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery, and out of all her other works, The Blue Castle is the one I'm drawn to the most. It's received high praises from several hard-core fans of L.M. Montgomery. The synopsis makes me believe it has potential to be a new favorite for me. I also feel like I can't go wrong with Montgomery's beautiful writing. 

King is one of those authors who's so well known that I feel an enormous amount of pressure to read. Out of all his books, this one seems like one I could enjoy a lot. It's a huge reimagined history, and the reviews I've heard has me very intrigued.

This book has been marketed as a Black Mirror-esque, trippy sci-fi book, and it sounds incredible! I've been craving a good sci-fi that will blow my mind ever since Dark Matter by Blake Crouch diappointed me. I'm hoping this one lives up to the hype I've built up for in my mind.

Admittedly, I don't know much of anything about this book, but it's been highly recommended by Katie from Life Between Words, and Mollie from MollieReads, which is honestly all I need to know about it. I do know this is a hard hitting book that will surely make me cry. I've been dying to read it for a long time and want to pick it up soon!

This is the only book I have some hesitation with putting on this list. People have such polarizing opinions on it. I've heard it's a dense, intense, and strange classic. I've heard it's hard to read, but it sounds like the exact thing I could love. I do think I want to wait until I can give this book my full attention so that I can fully appreciate what the author is doing in the story.

Georgette Heyer has been compared to some of the best classic authors, including Jane Austen. So you could say I'm very interested in reading her work for myself. This particular book has been highly rated and is said to be funny and romantic, which is everything I need in my life right now. 
Have you read any of these books? What are some of your own five star predictions?


  1. I haven't read any of these yet, but I am also looking forwards to reading The Blue Castle. I've heard SO MANY rave reviews that I feel like it's bound to be good.

    Looking forwards to hearing what you think about these!
    Hanne ||

    1. The Blue Castle does sound great, and after reading through all of the Anne series I'm ready for more L.M. Montgomery!

  2. I haven't actually read anything by Stephen King despite having a fair few of his books in my collection! I must make a mental note to add some of these to my (every growing) TBR list!

    1. Stephen King is definitely an author at the top of my list. I'd be interested to hear what you think of any of these books if you read them!

  3. Wow, all of these books sound super amazing, and I've picked a couple out of them to add to my own TBR list :) Thanks for sharing. I hope that when you get a chance to read them, those books are everything you think they will be!